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Special Covid-19

International risk assesment by IAS-8

Operating within the field of risk management in Southeast Asia and China for more than twenty years, and having developed in the course of those years an extensive network of privileged, institutional contacts throughout the region, IAS8 offers its clients as well as any multinational company concerned with their economic situation as well as the well-being of their expatriate staff a set of turnkey solutions. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, having access to a professional, bespoke analysis updated in real time and based on cross-checked information coming from the local government agencies tasked with dealing with this situation can help decision-makers take the most appropriate measures for their companies and their staff.


  1. A risk analysis of the situation,

  2. Establish a running information survey and issue recommendations,

  3. Define potential crisis scenarios,

  4. Design contingency plans,

  5. Identify your needs,

  6. Provide organizational assistance and more generally any kind of support to help you weather out this crisis in line with the guidelines issued by our diplomatic representations.

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